La Bella Havana Menu


Caldo Gallego (Galician White Bean Soup) 7.95
Sopa de Pollo (Chicken Soup) 6.95
Ajiaco La Bella Havana (Stewed Pork, Chicken, Beef, and Spanish Sausage) 7.95
Sopa de Habichuelas Negras (Black Bean Soup) 6.95


Ensalada Verde (Avocado/Watercress, Repollo in a Vinagrette Dressing) 7.95
Ensalada de Pina y Aguacate (Pinapple and Avocado Salad in a Mango Vinagrette on a bed of Mixed Green) 7.95
Aguacate Rellenos (Stuffed Avocado with Crab Meat) 13.95
Sandia y Queso (Watermelon with Goat Cheese served on a bed of Mixed Greens in a light Vinaigrette Dressing) 7.95


Empanadas (Turnovers Stuffed with Chicken, Spinach and Cheese or Picadillo) 7.95
Empanadas (Turnovers Stuffed with Shrimp) 9.95
Chorizo Salteado con Mariquitas (Sauteed Spanish Sausage with fried Plantain Chips) 8.95
Mejillones en Vino (Sauteed Mussels in White or Red Wine Sauce) 11.95
Camarones en Coco (Shrimp in Coconut) 11.95
Coctel de Camarones Tropical (Tropical Shrimp Cocktail) 11.95
Ceviche de Tuna y Sandia (Tuna and Watermelon Ceviche) 11.95
Jalea (Fried Calamari, Shrimp, Fish and Fried Yuca topped with Pickled Red Onions) 21.95
Yuca Rellena (Stuffed with Picadillo and Cheese deep fried) 8.95
Tamal Cubano (Stoned Ground Corn with bits of Pork wrapped in Corn Husk) 8.95
Frituras de Bacalao (Cod Fritters) 9.95
Fritura de Malanga Cruda (Raw Taro Root Fritters) 8.95
Fritura de Maiz Dulce (Sweet Corn Fritters) 8.95
Croquetas de Jamon (Ham Croquettes) 8.95
La Bella Havana Treats (Fried Chicken, Pork and Longaniza Chunks with Yuca Fries) 21.95

(All entrees are served with White Rice, Black Beans, & Maduros.)


Ropa Vieja (Shredded Skirt Steak) 17.95
Vaca Frita (Pan seared Skirt Steak with fresh Mojo Onions, Red and Green Pepper) 18.95
Bistec Palomilla (Pan seared thinly sliced Sirloin Steak with Glazed Onion) 15.95
Bistec Empanizado (Breaded thinly sliced Sirloin Steak) 15.95
Cuban Picadillo (Lean Ground Beef with Green Olives, Peppers and Raisins) 13.95
Boliche Bella Havana (Cuban Pot Roast stuffed with Ham) 18.95


El Cochinito (Well seasoned fried Pork chunks) 14.95
Chuletas de Puerco Criollas (Cuban styled Pork Chops) 15.95
Pernil (Slow roasted Pork) 15.95
Costillas de Puerco en Salsa de Guayaba (Baby Back Ribs with Guava barbecue sauce) 17.95


Pollo Cubano (Boneless breast of Chicken marinated in Garlic infused Cuban sauce) 15.95
Achiote Chicken (Whole Baby Chicken stuffed with Chorizo and mustard greens) 21.95
Pollo Asado (Baked Chicken) 15.95
Pollo Frito a la Criolla (Creole fried Chicken) 15.95
Chicharon de Pollo (Fried Chicken chunk) 14.95
Pollo al Ajillo (Boneless breast in garlic sauce) 15.95


Paella Valenciana (Shrimp, Scallops, Clams, Mussels, Chorizo and Chicken with Scallions, Peas and Red Peppers on Saffron Rice) 28.95
Pargo Cubano (Red Snapper fillet in Cuban sauce) 19.95
Bacalao (Dried Cod Fish) 15.95
Pargo Ciboney con Salsa de Aguacate (Whole Red Snapper in Avocado sauce Ciboney style) 24.95
Langosta Enchilada (Creole style Lobster) 27.95
Camarones al Ajillo (Shrimp in Garlic Sauce) 17.95
Camarones Enchilados (Creole style Shrimp) 19.95
Camarones en Coco (Sauteed Shrimp in Coconut milk) 19.95


Arroz con Puerco y Quimbombo (Pork with Yellow Rice and Okra) 14.95
Arroz Frito (Fried Rice with Pork, Ham, Eggs, and Shrimp) 14.95
Arroz con Pollo a la Chorrera (Chicken and Rice Chorrera style) 14.95
Camarones a la Caserola (Cuban Shrimp Casserole) 19.95
Congri (Rice and Red Beans mixed together) 4.95
Moros y Cristianos (Rice and Black Beans mixed together) 4.95


French Fries Yuka Fries Tostones Maduros


Dulce de Battata Tres Leches Guava Tres Leches
Chocolate Mousse Flan Dulce de Leche Cortada